Tuesday, August 7, 2007


Rails plugins do clever things. Whoda thunk it: acts_as_state_machine

There are many DPS-estimating spreadsheets available for WoW, but no actual simulators. I've started one, but it's very early days, I'm tangling with debuffs. I'll probably get distracted and never finish it, but ^^

Oblivion is infuriating me again. I'm not sure why I'm even playing it, but there you go. I fixed the levelling problem by installing mods - Oscuro's and KCAS. In the short term, they make it much harder though. I was fighting fire atronachs, clannfeyr, amazons and marauders at L2. I want rats, damnit! Without anything to practice on, it's hard to get your stats up. I did find a nice cave with a mudcrab and a rat this morning and trained myself up to L7 or so. Booooring. Still, I can have a crack at those marauders, get my Arcane University pass and make some decent spells soon. That will help.

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