Saturday, June 5, 2010


Jeez when did this blog actually get content? Huh.

To balance out all that unwarranted productivity, have my .vimrc file. I'll update shortly with the ninja menu-creating skillz I learnt at work.
set guifont=Courier_New:h12
set title
set nobackup
set writebackup
set nohls
set visualbell
set ruler
set incsearch
set smartcase
set smarttab
set scrolloff=10
"set sidescrolloff=10
"set nowrap
set tw=80
set wm=0
set linebreak
set tabstop=2
set shiftwidth=2
set expandtab
set backspace=2
set noai
set nojoinspaces
set cpoptions-=a
set cinoptions=g0.5s,h0.5s,:0.5s,=0.5s,p0,(0.5s,+0.5s
set winminheight=0
"V6 set winminwidth=0
set matchtime=2
" eol:$,
set nolist
set lcs=tab:>-,trail:\
hi NonText ctermfg=4
hi SpecialKey ctermfg=4
syn on
filetype indent on
" winpos 0 0
" set lines=52 columns=80
set tags=~/.tags

if hostname() != ''
let &titleold = matchstr(system('whoami'), '\w\+') .'@'. hostname()

" Darn F keys...
map OP
map OQ
map OR
map OS
map [11~
map [12~
map [13~
map [14~
map [15~
map [17~
map [18~
map [19~
map [20~
map [21~
map [23~
map [24~

" Printing
set popt=header:3,syntax:a,number:n
set printexpr=PrintFile(v:fname_in)
function! PrintFile(fname)
let pd = (&printdevice == '' ? '' : ' -d'. &printdevice)
call system('lp '. pd .' '. a:fname)
" echo 'lp '. pd .' '. a:fname
call delete(a:fname)
return v:shell_error

" New ex commands
command -range=% CppCmt ,s/\/\*\([^\/]*\)\*\//\/\/\1/g
command -range=% CCmt ,s/\/\/\(.*\)$/\/\*\1 *\//g
command -range=% TidyEOL silent! ,s/\s\+$//g
" TidySrc is broken
command -range=% TidySrc silent ,TidyEOL | ,s/{\n\n\+/{
/ | ,s/\n\n\+\(\s\+\)}/
\1}/ | ,s/\n\n\n\+/

/ | normal "gg=G"
" :silent! TidyEOL
:silent! %s/{\n\n\+/{
:silent! %s/\n\n\+\(\s\+\)}/
:silent! %s/\n\n\n\+/

command -nargs=1 -complete=help Help :h | normal _
command -range=% MkLocalScript silent! ,s/set/setlocal/ | silent! ,s/map/map / | silent! ,s/ab/ab /

" Maps
map '1 gg
map # .n
" Comment a visual block
vmap # :s/^\(\s*\)\(.\)/\1# \2/:silent! '<,'>s/^\(\s*\)# #\s*/\1/
map '' :update
"map 'q :!rm -f .*.^^:q
map 'q :q
map 'Q :q!
map 'w '''q
map 'e :files:e
map 'E '''e
map '# :e #
map '~ '''#
map 'v :e ~/.vimrc
map '. :e %:p:h
map :update:prev
map :update:next
map 'r :e!%
map 'd :!rm %:set nomodified
" Updates a line like /# Last:/
map 'l 0f:"_C: :read !date +'\%Y.\%m.\%d \%T'kJ''
map L 10k
map M 10j
map S g$F r
map w _
map zi
map Z @q
map ] >>
map [ <<
nmap 1000000u
map :!irb

" New stuff
set fillchars=vert:\|,fold:\
set foldminlines=3
" set foldclose=all
"V6 set foldlevelstart=2
"V6 set foldmethod=indent
set viewoptions=folds,cursor

" F11: EditFtplugin(), F12: EchoFtPlugin
let vimdir = expand("~/.vim")
let ftdir = vimdir .'/ftplugin'
let skeldir = vimdir .'/skel'
function! EchoFtplugin()
if exists("b:file")
echo b:file ." sourced"
else | echo "No *.vim sourced"
function! EditFtplugin()
if exists("b:file")
exec "edit ". b:file
elseif &ft != ''
let fn = g:ftdir .'/'. &ft
if isdirectory(fn)
exec "edit ". fn
else | exec "edit ". fn .".vim"
else | echo 'No filetype or b:file'
map :call EditFtplugin()
map :call EchoFtplugin()

function! ReadSkel()
let full = fnamemodify(expand("%"), ":p")
let tail = fnamemodify(full, ":t")
let extn = fnamemodify(full, ":e")
let fn = g:skeldir ."/". tail
if filereadable(fn) | call ReadSkel_(fn) | return | end
let fn = g:skeldir ."/". extn
if filereadable(fn) | call ReadSkel_(fn) | return | end
let fn = g:skeldir ."/". &ft
if filereadable(fn) | call ReadSkel_(fn) | return | end
function! ReadSkel_(fn)
exec "0read ". a:fn
silent! g/reated/normal 'l

hi Comment ctermfg=6
hi Directory ctermfg=6
hi Folded term=standout ctermfg=7 ctermbg=0
ab LAL Alexis Lee

let @q = "I:silent! %s/ A\\n// 0\"wdd@w"

" usually unnecessary
filetype plugin on
augroup vimrc

" Match any filename with at least one character
" Careful if /root/.vim -> /home/*/.vim, mkdir /root/.vim/view
au BufWinLeave ?* if &ft != 'mail' | mkview | end
au BufWinEnter ?* silent loadview

au BufEnter *.rbd setf ruby

au BufNewFile,BufEnter ~/winmvs*/* exec "so ".vimdir."/mvs.vim"
au BufNewFile ~/winmvs*/* call MvsGet()
au BufNewFile,BufEnter *.jcl setf jcl | exec "so ".ftdir."/jcl.vim"

" Do this properly sometime - test filename in cpp.vim
au BufEnter *.h exec "so ".ftdir."/h.vim"
au FileType xml setlocal ts=2 sw=2
au FileType help setlocal ts=2 sw=2
au FileType make setlocal ts=4 sw=4 list
au BufEnter sql/data/* setlocal ts=8 sw=8 list
" au VimEnter * au BufEnter * syn sync fromstart

au BufNewFile * call ReadSkel()
" au BufNewFile main.c call ReadSkel()

"au BufWritePost,FileWritePost *.pl normal :!chmod +x %
"au VimLeave *.pl normal :!chmod -R ugo+rx ~/perl/*.pl
augroup end

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