Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Chess RTS

King - flag
Queen - commander, kickass + makes production buildings
Bishop - flyer
Rook - force cannon, makes walls or medium range attacks
Knight - stationary artillery, constructs portal underneath and fires construction kit to endpoint
Pawn - 4-man bunker construction team / marines

Branch/morph units for diversity
3 playable 'races'/styles

Bishops - offensive vs rooks + knights
Rooks - defensive vs pawns + knights
Knight - offensive vs rooks + pawns
Pawn - short range, balanced, anti-bishop
- also farmers?

Direction of movement
independent of direction of offense
independent of direction of defense

Economic targeting by armor + value

Groups are armies, select unit classes by order prefix (eg G1, FLYER, ATTACK)

All special abilities on army page, specify class to reduce

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