Friday, August 20, 2010

Random blarghing, now with pictures!

HB+0.5 has made me want to post random shit again.

Today I reread all my mortgage documentation (mature and responsible) then spent half the night on that blog (irrational funclinging). On the plus side I don't feel guilty or like I've let myself down, just rather puzzled over wtf I'm trying to accomplish. I have faith in me. Me has a great plan, I'm sure and any time me would like to let me in on it that'd be cool.

I spent most of yesterday night reading incredibly positive life-affirming blog posts from positive life-coachy people. The old barf reflex has not entirely subsided but I figure maybe I can drown it with sunshine. The Cartoonival of Wisdom is well worth Googling. Amy Hoy's Slash7 got me onto the whole thing, I enjoyed copylicious as well as some others.

My drawing tablet is languishing. I feel guilt towards my drawing tablet. Dilbert, XKCD and HB+0.5 have clearly proven bad art is funnier than good art and way funnier than no art. Therefore I am potentially fully equipped to enter the world of illustrated blogging. I'm not 100% where unrecognisable art comes in. I did rip off some image I found on Google to make a weather sign which I was idly musing about tattooing on my chest. The idea is "sometimes there are clouds but the sun is always there", which is stilton but might genuinely help me stay this side of murderous.

On that note, I've really been diving into Buddhism again and I hope it isn't just a freakish little phoenix effect thing. So much shit has happened in the last few years I've kind of given up any expectations of the future. On the other hand I'm still working, that's getting easier and I'm buying a freaking house. I have no idea how long I'll be able to maintain any of this but maybe it's okay. No matter how bad it seems I'm unlikely to suffer spontaneous organ failure or seismovoracity. I may not be Stephen Hawking but people much dumberer get along just fine.

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