Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Tinky Weatherwhistle

Appearance: Your average double-pink-bunched gnome. She has a fondness for check print and leather.

Power: Humming her discordant yet beautiful songs makes mechanicals fall into line and the laws of physics bend to fit her can-do attitude to engineering.

Quote: "I need more MATERIALS!" "Make way for PROGRESS!"

Combat: She spends most of combat in the bubble of her Macrognomic Shell. This is usually humanoid, but no bets on what sneaky payloads the limbs might be carrying! The acoustics give Tinky a peculiarly deep voice.

Travel: It takes a while to put together, but with a rucksack full of material Tinky can transform the Macrognomic Shell into the Inevitable Sphere of Destruction. It looks a bit like a sea urchin and uses steam power to propel the spines. Acceleration and handling aren't all that, but the top speed isn't bad! So far it has killed one hedgehog.

Engineering: accomplished with the aid of five little autognomatons. Occasionally they wander off but usually they're safely packaged in Tinky's rucksack or compartments in the back of the Macrognomic Shell.

Balance: Tinky's inventions are extremely flexible, but they do take a while to put together and occasionally some special components or additional power sources may have to be improvised.

Secret, the first: Tinky has a real, real tiny, Sphere of Annihilation. The vacuum it generates powers the extremely gradual collapse of a many-layered metal sphere, which in turn powers many of Tinky's inventions. Every few months she returns to HQ and plugs it in to recharge. It has never escaped.

Secret, the second: Tinky has an evil twin called Tonks. Tonks has a fondness for stripes and impractical vagaries of silk.

Secret, the third: Tinky is deathly afraid of air travel. She does not know this yet.

Credit: Yes, this is principally a ripoff of Girl Genius, but with a drop of WoW. The Inevitable Sphere was all me, and the Macrognomic Shell is more of a species in GG than a suit. The D+D Arabian Nights had a clockwork wizard, Tinky is adapted for a more action-oriented, narrativist game.

Why, oh god why? So I can illustrate it! She should be fun to draw.

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