Monday, June 25, 2007

Kids movies

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You'll never get a great movie by thinking of a new category like this. What was Monsters, Inc? A kids creature feature or a story about a couple of factory workers helping a kid defeat her nightmares?

Where are the comic adaptations for kids? I read Girl Genius by Phil and Kaja Foglio, it would make an awesome kids movie. It's available free online, although I've bought all the books. There are giant robots, tiny robots, Transylvanian monster soldiers, a talking cat and lots of dirigibles.

A great 'kids' movie for adults would be Barry Ween by Judd Winick. It spins the traditional supergenius kid story by introducing a foul mouth, *reference* to porn and a reluctant hero. Girl problems and an eight year old friend who acts more like five aid familiarity. I cried and it's a *comic book* for gosh darn sake.

What's your favourite genre? Why hasn't it been done for kids? Hoodwinked is fantastic, it's like Murder She Wrote for kids.

Kids feel oppressed by adults, they like to see kids beating adults. The Witches is about a kid with a power uncovering an adult conspiracy, perfect. Kids also like older kids, I bet a lot of kids under 16 sneaked a look at American Pie.

ps. Psychonauts would be good too. Can't be bothered to write porperly any more.

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