Monday, June 25, 2007


edit: coincidentally, this article was posted on Slashdot today.
edit: I've spent a totally disproportionate amount of time setting up my profile compared to how long I intend to spend on MySpace generally. I guess people really do love customising things.

I'm trying to hunt down a track Annie Mac played as a white label from Mickey Finn, it's on the Finn People label (read it off some vinyl at the weekend! then went a bit spastic) and I think it might be by Modified Motion, but Juno Records doesn't have it. Bah. Annie dubbed it Super Mario because of the well, Mario noises... it isn't called that though.

There's a mix here Hattie pointed out, mainly filler as always but some really nice mixes and basslines too. Actually seems the first/second and last tracks are best!

edit: MySpace ftl. FaceBook seems way more featureful. I may make that my 'main SNS', as far as I even have one.

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